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Peter receiving the keys to the Kingdom

In today’s first reading (1 Pt 5:1-4) Peter exhorts the early Church leaders to be examples for their flocks, and Jesus will recognize their efforts.  A few years early, Peter confessed that Jesus was the Messiah (Mt 16:13-19) and set the example for the other disciples.  Jesus recognized him and established him as the rock upon which He would build His Church.

We don’t have to be bishops, priests or theologians to be good examples to our parish communities.  By living our faith with virtue we, too, can set an example and help others grow closer to Christ.  As with Peter, Jesus will reward us.  

Be like Peter.

Lord Jesus, I desire to live my life as an example for others.  Today I offer up my work, prayer, joy and suffering in union with Your sacrifice in the Holy Mass, and cheerfully accept the things I don’t like, did not choose and cannot change for the conversion of souls.  Amen.”

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