When I was a freshman student at Saint John’s many years ago, I was walking across campus one day and I was stopped by one of the monks. He looked at me, called me by name and asked if I was from Ghent. I had never met him before, but that was Father Don. He would memorize the pictures of all the incoming freshmen and call us by name when he met us. During my time at SJU, he never forgot my name, and I never forgot his.

I believe Father Don found Christ in each of us, and in some small way, his act of taking the time to know us, meant a lot. Fr. Don Talafous is being honored with the SJU President’s Medal and Citation. Fr. Don has been a part of the Saint John’s community for more than 70 years. As a monk, professor, university chaplain and faculty resident, he has touched the lives of thousands of students, alumni, parents and friends. He shows us how being fully present and attentive to those around us, makes a difference in their lives. Below is a short video about Father Don.